Merano & surroundings

Castles & museums

Experience Merano´s rich cultural landscape:

-The botanical gardens of Trautmannsdorff Castle are especially alluring for holiday makers in spring and summer, when fragrant flowers few the globes burst into bloom.

- Tyrolean style bluds with Mediterranean influences.

- Artistics, musical and lieterary events

Only a stone´s throw from Bolzano, there is the European area featuring the most castles: some 200 historical buildings such as castles and residences argue the turbulent history of the area. However, also in the rest of the country there are a range of castles and mansions which are worthwhile and ready to be explored. Come and see! The next few castles are Castel Scena, Castel Tirol and Castel Juval MMM to Reinhold Messner.

The Archeology Museum – make a journey back in history Archeology Museum. Oetzi, the Iceman, which is probably the most famous citizens.

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